5 Mood Lifting Gifts Inspired by Pantone's Colour of the Year 2021

Warm, sunny yellows and resilient greys, discover our favourite mood lifting gifts and greeting cards that celebrate the positive and hopeful colours of 2021

Whether you’re in need of a pick me up treat or looking for the perfect letterbox friendly gift for another Birthday in lockdown, discover our top 5 makes, inspired by the most feel-good colours of the year, according to Pantone.

Colour has the power to influence a mood, communicate a message and trigger emotions. Colour can be used to raise spirits and encourage positive feelings. Like a thoughtful gift, the perfect colour can tangibly spark joy.

Pick me up gift ideas in cheerful yellows and calming greys

The colour gurus over at Pantone know a thing or two about colour psychology and during a time when we could all do with some positive vibes, an injection of colour might just be the ticket!

The global events of the last year and the optimistic feelings of hope for the next have inevitably influenced the Color of the Year 2021. And this year, Pantone chose not one, but two colours, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow. I genuinely love this year’s pairing and Pantone’s ideology behind the selection might be worth considering when choosing the perfect gift this year.

Yellow Sun Iron On Patch

1. Happy Sun Embroidered Patch - Warm, sunny days are on the horizon, accessorise your clothes with a ray of sunshine with easy to apply, iron on embroidered patches.

Yellow is warming and optimistic

It’s hard not to feel warm and fuzzy looking at a cute little sun patch and while not the exact same shade of yellow, it makes complete sense that Illuminating Yellow is described by Pantone as a colour that conjures a promise of something sunny and friendly. The colour yellow and all things solar inspired have always embodied a feeling of strength and positivity and after the year we’ve all had I can see how Pantone settled on such an uplifting colour for 2021. Reset the mood of last year with an injection of bright and cheerful yellows!

Pantone colour experts pick a colour that expresses the mood

Pantone’s colour experts handpick a new colour each year by gathering inspiration from all over the globe. Influences are taken from a surprisingly diverse range of sources including films in production, social economic conditions, new and exciting technologies and even upcoming worldwide events. The coveted Pantone Color of the Year will then trickle into the design world and you will see influences in fashion, home furnishing and even packaging design. This year it’s all about grey and yellow!

It Will Be OK Keyring in grey
2. It Will Be OK Keyring - We’re all muddling through this new norm and a reassuring hug from a loved one is sadly still just out of reach. Let them know you’re cheering them on with a thoughtful gift they can always carry with them. It Will Be OK Keyring, shown in grey is available in a choice of colours.

Grey quietly assures hope

Pantone made reference to the colours of pebbles on the beach when describing Ultimate Gray and the aging of natural elements can highlight an ability to quietly persevere and encourage resilience. This sense of composure and strength echoes the sentiment of our It Will Be OK keyrings. I always saw grey as a versatile, neutral colour, an easy colour choice that suited Dad and fashion forward friends alike. But grey has a quiet strength, the perfect pairing to express a sense of pocket-sized hope.

Yellow Lemon Happy Birthday Card

3. Lemon Birthday Card - As we head into another year of birthdays in lockdown, a heartfelt card will mean more than ever to stay connected. Our zesty Lemon Happy Birthday Card is the ultimate holiday vibe even if that’s just a gin and tonic in the garden!

The use of colour in our products will always be a considered and thoughtful process. We all associate certain colours with quality, brand identity and even personal emotions. Even if it’s just to bring a little happiness or to evoke a warm and sunny feeling, colour is a powerful tool for expressing emotion.

Pantone is a universal language of colour

So, what is Pantone? In a nutshell Pantone provide a universal language of colour. Originally created for the printing industry, Pantone created a number-based system so that colour could be accurately reproduced worldwide. By using Pantone’s standard colour system, it basically cuts out human interpretation, because my idea of the perfect pastel pink is likely to be different to someone else’s.

Cute grey bear brooch
4. Grey Bear Brooch - Who doesn’t feel comforted at the sight of a cute little bear! The perfect companion, our thoughtful Grey Bear Brooch will look right at home on your favourite woolly jumper!

Pantone clearly felt that two colours were better than one when it came to expressing the mood of 2021. The colour experts at Pantone say the pairing highlights how two independent elements can come together to support each other. Practical and optimistic, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow is a colour story of strength and positivity. The global events of the last year have had a great impact on all of us. This combination of colours perfectly expresses a quiet resilience and a hope that everything is going to get brighter.

Modern Love Card with grey abstract shapes with silver heart

5. Balancing Heart CardDitch the digital world and make someone feel extra special with a handwritten card. Nothing beats receiving a traditional card in the post, a bold, abstract design like this is perfect for a thoughtful message between loved ones.

Gifts brimming with positive energy

Colour can influence a mood, inspire a sense of hope and has the power to make us feel calm and reassured. According to Pantone, 2021’s colour story is of positivity and hope. Entering another year in lockdown, means gift giving from afar will sadly continue, but that also means a handwritten birthday card, or a thoughtful gift will mean more than ever. Choose joyful and optimistic yellows or calm and supportive greys and elevate your gift game with our favourite 5 mood lifting makes inspired by Pantones Color of the Year 2021.



Disclaimer * Pantone don’t actually give a monkey’s if our products are on trend and they definitely didn’t endorse or approve the products featured in this post. This is simply a collection of our favourite yellow and grey mood lifting gifts inspired by the colour psychology behind Pantone’s Color of the Year 2021!


Pantone’s Color of the Year 2021

PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating Yellow




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