About Us

Hi, hello! We are Andy and Emma.

Andy is an illustrator and Emma is a designer, maker with a background in stationery.  The Moonlit Press is a where our creativity collides to make things we genuinely love, with the hope they bring a little joy to others too.
Printing is at the heart of what we do and where it all started. We couldn't do it without our big ol' printing press (just behind us here) and as our best ideas seem to come along in the small hours... The Moonlit Press was created!
Emma and Andy in The Moonlit Press Studio

We are designers, makers and printers!

We are about as hands on as possible here at The Moonlit Press. It's always been important to us that as well as designing our products that we also create them with the same attention to detail as well.
You'll find us printing our greeting cards with the help of our Original Heidelberg Press one day and the hand pulling our screen prints the next.
Our laser cut designs are all made in-house from scratch as well. We use our own laser to cut the intricate pieces and assemble them, all by hand in our studio. This also ensures we are as environmentally responsible as possible as we maximise the most out of every material and reuse and recycle along the way.
Our work is handmade in our studio, so you can be sure you are buying a product that has been made with care, whilst supporting a small independent business.