What to Write in a Valentine’s Day Card

Rekindle the art of writing love letters this Valentine’s Day, with helpful tips for penning a meaningful message or a thoughtful thank you to your beloved.

It’s easy to feel cynical about Valentine’s Day but what’s not to love about a yearly reminder to make a total fuss of your favourite person. But it’s not all about grand gestures, when it comes to giving cards, it really is the thought that counts. 
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As a stationery designer and someone who will spend an embarrassing amount of time choosing just the right greeting card for friends and family, I often rely on the beautiful design to express the sentiment on my behalf. But I believe Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to shower your loved one in affection with the help of a heartfelt message. Who would say no to a love letter or two?

But what do you write in a Valentine’s card?

If you’d like to write a little more than ‘love you’ or even ‘you’ll do’ this Valentine’s Day, here’s some inspiration for when you next sit down to write a meaningful message, whoever the card is for.

Valentine’s Day Cards are not just for romantic couples

The 14th February isn’t just for loved up couples, you can give a Valentine’s card to anyone special in your life whether that’s a partner, family, or your best friend. Don’t take it for granted they know how you feel and even if they do, sometimes it’s just nice to be reminded.

Express your affection for a significant other or thank a friend who means the world to you. A handwritten missive is the perfect way to remind our favourite people just how important they are to us, to keep us connected or to give us that feel good factor.

What do you write in a Valentine’s Day card?

If you find yourself lost for words focus on your relationship and why that person is important to you. Make it personal and keep it specific. Writing about a shared experience or affectionately reflecting on the unique relationship you share will instantly feel heartfelt and genuine. Try one of these prompts to help get the ink flowing.


  • Your favourite memory of them

You don’t need big declarations of love or cringeworthy poems to express how much they mean to you. Reflect on something you’ve done together as a couple or as friends. Reminiscing fondly about your favourite memory together will be enough to make them smile.


  • A list of reasons why they’re special

Show someone you love a bit of extra appreciation with a Valentine’s card full of all the unique and wonderful reasons why you love them. Your list can be romantic, thoughtful or funny. A fun, feel-good sentiment that makes the perfect keepsake for every kind of Valentine.


  • A thoughtful thank you

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic couples, it’s the perfect time to acknowledge and appreciate anyone important in your life. Write a thoughtful thank you to a kind-hearted lover or as a sweet gesture for a life-long friend to say thank you for their unconditional love and support.


  • A promise for the future

Skip the generic ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ message and make a heartfelt promise instead. Rekindle long-term love with a handwritten vow to spend quality time as a couple. Anything from a promise, to schedule regular date nights to trying something new and exciting together in the future.

Write something heartfelt to make your favourite person feel loved and appreciated

I’ve shared my reasons for sending physical greeting cards before and nurturing our most important relationships by giving Valentine’s Day cards is no different. A heartfelt message, handwritten inside a beautiful card makes the most significant people in our lives feel loved and appreciated. In our digitally driven world, such special correspondence has become extraordinary and makes for a lovely keepsake that can be treasured for years to come.

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