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How to address an envelope

If you’re sending a something special like a birthday card to a loved one, all you want is for it to arrive safely. So, here are some helpful tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way, to help make posting your greeting cards within the UK a doddle.

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7 Reasons Why I Use a Paper To-Do List

To-do lists in all their forms, are a simple but brilliant tool for helping us to feel grounded and instantly more organised. With the help of technology, we have access to anything and everything right in our pocket but writing down your plans on paper has so many more benefits than just a well-planned day.

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7 Reasons to Send a Birthday Card

Why do we give cards when it’s so quick and easy to send a text message? There’s nothing wrong with using technology to wish someone happy birthday but there’s more to greeting cards than just tradition. 

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