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* Seconds* Hello Screen Printed Natural Tote Bag

* Seconds* Hello Screen Printed Natural Tote Bag

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A second – minor imperfection heavily discounted

Each second is unique, and most imperfections are only noticeable on close inspection if at all in some cases. All products are still fully functional and will have one of the following issues -

Extra Ink - one bag was printed with too much ink, so the textures of the illustration have disappeared and the material has a thick thread running through the design
Creases - one bag is just very creased on the back due to storage and will iron out, otherwise perfect print on the front with no flaws
Misprint - one bag has a tiny misprint at the bottom of the hand but almost unnoticeable with the overall design style
Conditions of sale -
1. You are buying "seconds" - this means that the product is imperfect, and you are aware of this at point of sale.

2. The product you receive will be randomly selected and will have one of the imperfections as described above.
Product details – 
- Approx. 36mm x 40cm
- Long Handles
- 100% Natural, unbleached cotton
- Eco-friendly bag, screen printed in our studio

* Videos and more details on Instagram*

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