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* Seconds * Bee Brooch & Bee Necklace

* Seconds * Bee Brooch & Bee Necklace

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Broochhave one of the following issues, all only noticeable on close inspection 

- small glue marks
- slightly misaligned pieces due to the handmade nature 
- additional textures on the wings due to the engraving process (minor)

Necklace - This necklace has one blemish that makes it a second item. Only noticeable at certain angles, within the bottom gold mirror piece there are two fine scratches. These small marks are not on the surface but within the mirror film so only noticeable in certain light and angles.


Conditions of sale -
1. You are buying "seconds" - this means that the product is imperfect, and you are aware of this at point of sale.

2. The product you receive will be randomly selected and will have one of the imperfections as described above.


Product details - 

The brooch measures approx. 40mm wide with a secure pin fastening.

The necklace measures approx. 40mm wide with 18’ gold plated chain.

* Videos and more details on Instagram*

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