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* Seconds * Bee Enamel Pin

* Seconds * Bee Enamel Pin

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We have a small collection of pins that don't pass our quality checks and as they are not 100% perfect we would like to offer these with a big discount so our imperfect pins can find homes too!

They are two gold versions of this bee pin with different imperfections - please choose you're preferred 'style' 

Each second pin is different from the next of varying degrees and most imperfections are only noticeable on close inspection and may include:

Gold Bee (thicker black details)

  • marks or fine scratches on the metal or enamel
  • black enamel lines not clean in small areas
  • small stippling like texture on the metals surface

Yellow Gold Bee (finer black details with a glossy coating)

  • marks or fine scratches
  • the glossy coating is uneven
  • small stippling like texture on the metals surface

Conditions of sale -
1. You are buying "seconds" - this means that the product is imperfect, and you are aware of this at point of sale.

2. The product you receive will be randomly selected and will have one of the imperfections as described above.


Product details – 

  • Gold and black enamel pin
  • 30mm wide

* Videos and more details on Instagram*


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